Heath Mole and Super Mole

The Heath Mole and Super Mole are robust mole drainers to suit tractors from 100hp to 500hp. Both models come fitted with low disturbance cutting discs and low ground pressure tyres. The Heath Super Mole legs are fitted with floating independent linkages to cope with undulating ground conditions and changing subsurface conditions.



Height 220cm
Width 204cm
Length 422cm
Depth of Mole 30cm to 67cm
Size of Mole 10cm
Tyres 380/55-17
Weight 880kg

Super Mole


Height 220cm
Width 260cm
Length 530cm
Depth of Mole 30cm to 67cm
Size of Mole 10cm
Tyres 500/45-22.5
Weight 2740kg

Heath Folding Mirror Kit

No more smashed mirrors from accidental reversing into shed walls! The Heath Folding Mirror Kit is a unique hydraulic fold-up mirror for use on telehandlers with pick-up hitches. It is linked into the pick-up hitch hydraulics of the vehicle to enable operation from within the cab.


Height 80cm
Width 32cm
Depth 20cm
Weight 10kg

Heath Handling Jib

The Heath Handling Jib has been specifically designed for use with non-telescopic materials handlers to allow extended handling of one tonne bags safely.


Height 240cm
Width 88cm
Length (closed) 146cm
Length (extended) 510cm
Weight 480kg

Heath Super Bucket

The Heath Super Bucket is a high capacity 3 tonne grain handling bucket for farmers that require the fast loading of lorries – saving both labour resource and money.


Height 152cm
Width 253cm
Depth 167cm
Weight 920kg

Heath Super Dozer

With the Heath Super Dozer you can always fill your grain sheds to capacity. This innovative telescopic grain dozer gives an extra 1500mm of powered push. The telescopic and carriage mounting points ensure a fold up vertical position for safe road transport between grain stores and farms


Height 95cm
Width 201cm
Length (closed) 394cm
Length (extended) 547cm
Weight 840kg

Heath Safety Forks

The Heath Safety Forks is another safety focused product. The pallet tines have been designed to fold away for road transport making roadwork safer, while all controlled from the cab.


Height 112cm
Width 133cm
Depth(Unfolded) 125cm
Depth(Folded) 64cm
Tines 107cm
Weight 360kg

Heath Super Spike

The Heath Super Spike is a bale handling spike specifically designed with road safety transport in mind. Built with strength to allow a 1.5 tonne carrying capacity, the tines fold away for safe road transport position, while the safety bale bar extends for safe bale handing.


Height(Retracted) 140cm
Height(Extended) 198cm
Width 180cm
Depth (Unfolded) 137cm
Depth (Folded) 26cm
Tines 111cm
Weight 360kg

Heath Super Grab

The Heath Super Grab is a truly innovative solution to large bale handling. A bale grab with a total ‘free release system’ enables safer bale stacking and loading. Holding of the bales is provided by four uniquely designed Hardox tines. The Heath Super Grab is able to handle 1200mm x 1200mm x 2400mm, 1200mm x 900mm x 2400mm and 1200mm x 800mm x 2400min bales either vertical or horizontal in operation.


Height 240-300cm
Width 218cm
Depth 61cm
Tines 70cm
Weight 620kg